Uploading a video to your site the right way.

Uploading video(s) to your site can sometimes be a pain. Check out this post to find out how to correctly insert a video every time.

The best way to embed a video from a third party site:

  1. On your visual editor screen, click “Text” at the top right of the content area. (This is tab generates the content into HTML coding)
  2. Go to the video at the third party site (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  3. Find the “Share” button somewhere on or around the video.
  4. Click “Embed” and copy the <iframe> shortcode.
  5. Paste the shortcode into the editor on its own line.
  6. Update the page and make sure the video/audio showed up on your page.

**Note: The video may not show up while using the PageBuilder's Live Editor so be sure to view your site to see if the video is viewable and working.