How do I set up or remove my blog?

Our system allows users to create websites that can be just a simple blog, static content pages, or both!

Most of our design templates already include both a pre-set blog and static pages. If you chose a design template and do not wish to feature the blog then you can follow the steps below to take it off your site. If you decided to choose a bare-bone template (aka start from scratch) then you will have to go through the following steps to either setup or take out the blog from your site.


  1. Once you have chosen your desired template, navigate over to “Settings” > “Readings” on your dashboard
  2. You will find the “Front Page Displays” option
  3. Below you will find different ways to set up your site blog…
blog on front page

Blog is set to front page of site

By choosing “your latest posts” it will automatically set the blog as the front page of your website. You can still have other static pages within your site but the blog will always be displayed as the Home page. If you do not wish to have anything else but a blog on your site then simply delete the other pages or don’t create any new ones.





no blog setup

No blog will be set up for this site

By selecting “a static page” you will be given the option to select any page that is currently built on your site to set as the front page. Leaving the “posts page” option blank will not feature a blog on your site.

We recommend you to first create a new page titled “Home” so you know which page to choose to set as the front page without getting confused if you want to change it later.




static front page and blog set up

A static home page including a blog

Here we have decided to have a static front page as our Home page but we also want to feature a blog within the site. We set up the “front page” and “posts page” by selecting any previously created page on the site. The “posts page” will end up being the blog of your site.

We recommend you create a page titled “blog”,”news feed”, etc. beforehand so you know which page to set as the posts page.