Watch this quick tutorial on the basics of creating and managing your site’s menus.

The content below will give a brief description of the Menus page.

custom menu screenshot

Custom Menus
  • This tool under “Appearance” on the left sidebar allows you to create and manage your own custom menus to be displayed in different locations on your own site.  These menus are created using the pages, posts, links, categories, and tags the user has already created in WordPress.
  • Menus are the most important aspect of the site for viewers to navigate easily through all the pages of content on the site.

Screen Options

  • Located in the top right of the menu builder screen is the screen options tab. Clicking this tab drops down the tab that shows options of which items to display for menu customization.  Check the boxes you want to be able to choose items from to use for your custom menu. **Pages will most likely be the biggest contributors to your menus.**

Menu Name

  • The user can create as many custom menus as they wish to create.  When creating a new menu, WordPress asks for a menu name which will distinguish each menu from one another.

Advice: If you wish to use a header menu for your site, the first menu you create should be named header menu for easy clarification.

screenshot custom menu UI

Menu Structure

  • To add items to the custom menu, select the boxes to the left of this section that you wish to add into the menu. Choose from pages, posts, and categories or create custom links to be put into the menu.  The items chosen will be placed into this section as tabs.
  • By dragging the tabs up and down will allow you to rearrange the order of the menu. Clicking and dragging a tab to the right will distinguish it as a sub-item for the tab directly above it. There is no limit on the amount of sub-items or sub-levels you can give to a single tab.
  • Each tab will have its own properties that you can change if you wish.  It also shows the original location of the tab in case you had changed the navigation label of the tab.

Menu Settings

screenshot menu settings

  1. Auto Add Pages — Selecting this box will automatically add any new pages that the user creates in the future to this menu only.  Check this box if you wish to use the Parent Hierarchy option in the page attributes panel. More info..
  2. Theme Locations — Depending on the theme of the site, this area may vary a different amount of options. Selecting “top primary menu” will set this menu as the main top header menu of the site. Selecting the “secondary menu” option will place the menu in the designated sidebar of the site.

Note: There may be more than one location option to place this menu in, so make your decision based on how you want your site to look.