Media Management

This page is to help users control the settings for their media library and to teach them how to manage media (uploading, inserting, deleting). This page also has info on how to find and use attachment ID's.

**A useful repository for great images from around UCSC is You just need to request a log-in account and all the photos will be available to you for download and use on your web site.**

The Media Library

The media library is one of the key components of your new WordPress sites.  This is where almost all images, videos, audio and PDF files will be uploaded and stored so you can easily insert them throughout your site as you are designing.

The media library will hold all your media that has been uploaded to the current site only. If you plan to have more than one site, please note that the media does not copy over from site to site. 

In the media library you can delete or edit images, give media captions and descriptions, or view basic properties for each media item. Adding alternative text to media is recommended for each item in your media library for site accessibility purposes.

edit media screenshot

Uploading Media


media screenshot

Upload via Left Navigation

To upload media into your site, look in the left navigation of the dashboard and find the media menu tab and click "Add New".

Adding media into the library is very easy and can also be done from the editor directly by clicking the "Add Media" button.





upload media via editor

Upload via editor "Add Media"

You can either drag and drop the item from your desktop into the editor OR you can upload from your computer directly.

Inserting Media

insert media

Click this button to insert media into your Visual Editor

Before inserting any media into the content area, make sure the text cursor is at the spot you want the media to be inserted into. If it is not there, the media insertion will fail and nothing will show up in the editor.

Attachment ID’s

Some widgets ask you to use attachment ID's, image ID's, or page ID's to specify the content to display using the widget (e.g. the Gallery widget).

attachment ID screenshot

To find the attachment IDs, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose to manage media, pages, or posts in the left navigation on the dashboard.
  2. Next, hover over the item (picture, post, or page) with the mouse.
  3. Now take a look at the status bar that appears at the bottom of your screen while still hovering over the item.
  4. The ID for the item is labeled where "post = (attachment #)"
  5. Simply put this number into the widget and do the same for your other items.

**By using the Visual Editor widget instead, you may be able to create the same displays without needing to use any type of attachment ID.**