The differences between Pages and Posts can be found here.

Watch the tutorial to the right on how to add and publish new pages to your site.

Most of the time Pages will be the biggest contributors to your site.  Pages allow the administrator to give the site a lot of user-friendly functionality and also adds an easy approach for viewers to navigate through the entire site. Each page can display as much content as you wish to share.

Once in the Page Editor, in the lower right side of the screen you will see a set of attributes for the specific page. The settings are explained briefly below..

page attributes screenshot

Parent Hierarchy

Pages can be set up to contain sub-pages or "children pages" which adds depth to the menu and creates an expansive network of pages within the site. The Parent option allows the creator to quickly make the current page a child page of a previously created page.

Note: By default, when choosing a parent page it will automatically add the page to the menu as a child page (sub-page) unless a custom menu is already being used. If a custom menu is being used, you may have to manually add the new page using Menus for it to show up in your custom menu navigation and the same process goes for removing sub-pages.

You can find the option to automatically update menus with new pages here.

Page Template

The default template will always be activated at first. Depending on your theme, the default template may include various sidebars located on your pages. By clicking the drop-down menu you will find other page template options to choose from. Options may vary with respect to your site's theme.

For example, if there is an option called "Full-Width Page," by choosing this page template it will remove any unwanted sidebars from this page only and fit the content to the max width the screen will allow.

Page Order

**It is easier to create and use Custom Menus instead of using the Order option.**

The Order option is a quick way to arrange the tabs of your site menu. If you only have a couple menu items this would be a shortcut to arrange your menu without having to use custom menus.

order option screenshot 

The lower the order number, the closer it is to the top (or left) of the menu (0 is the lowest order number).