The Visual Editor

This page will teach you the basics of editing your pages and posts using the Visual Editor. It will also briefly touch on how  to restore/revise a post or page.

**After reviewing the content of this page, please read on about our great PageBuilder plug-in.

Please watch these short videos that explain the basics of editing text and images in the visual editor.

When choosing which pages and posts to edit, you can either choose to quick edit the page/post or to enter the visual editor interface.


"Quick Edit"

visual editor screenshot

Clicking on "quick edit" will open this menu

quick edit menu

Using the quick edit option will allow you to change a variety of options mainly regarding the page or post settings.

"Edit "

visual editor screenshot

Choosing the "edit" option will bring you to the Visual Editor interface shown here

visual editor interface

A brief explanation for some of the options to use in the editor:

**Before inserting any media into the content area, make sure the text cursor is at the spot you want the media to be inserted into. If it is not placed there beforehand, the media insertion will fail** 

  1. Page Title - Change the text here to give your page or post a title
  2. Media Options - By clicking these buttons, you can easily add any media from your media library, create a gallery, add a created slider, or add a created form.
  3. Switching Editors - Clicking these three tabs will switch between page editors.  The visual tab is simply the normal visual editor. The text tab displays the content in HTML code and is editable if you know HTML syntax.  The PageBuilder tab changes the editor to the PageBuilder plug-in interface.
  4. Editor Text Toolbar - This toolbar has all the necessary text editing tools needed to design content to create attractive pages and posts. You can create links, lists, tables, and more using the toolbar options.
  5. Content Area - The content area is where all the text and media of the page will go. Images can be copy and pasted here if you do not wish to use the media library. To embed a video here, simply copy and paste the URL of the permitted video into this area.

visual editor publish

To the right of the visual editor are the publishing options. You can click the "Preview Changes" button at the top to see your recent changes without needing to update the page. Options to edit the status of the page, the visibility, and the date published are available.  Once all settings are configured click the Publish/Update button to display this page on your site.










Revisions & Restoring

Watch the videos below to learn about using revisions in the editor and restoring trashed posts and pages.