ALT Text for Images & Other Media

Alternative text provides a textual alternative to non-text content in web pages. It is especially helpful for people who are blind and rely on a screen reader to have the content of the website read to them.

Finding the ALT Text Fields in WordPress

The following image show where to find the ALT tag field when editing a media file in WordPress or inserting a media file on a page. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Tips for What to Put in the Alt Tag Field

  • If image is active (image link, image button, image map area), then the text alternative should be the function of the image, what the image does, where the link goes.
  • If image is text, then the alt text should (usually) be the same as the text in the image.
  • If image conveys information, the alt text should convey the same information
  • If image is complex as they are in maps, graphs, and charts, use a technique to convey the complete meaning. Some possibilities are to provide on-screen a full explanation; access to data that generated the chart, or longdesc link.
  • If the image is only for decorative purposes, or is redundant to adjacent text, use alt=””

More Information about ALT Text

More information about ALT Text can be found on the WebAIM site.