Please watch this quick video on how to manage widgets.

**All widgets available are initially installed into the system for the user. There is no need to install widgets yourself**  

Most useful widgets:

Visual Editor Widget

The Visual Editor widget opens a new visual editor that contains all the options a normal editor provides.  Unlike the other widgets, the visual editor is the most familiar and has the most options for text customization.  Many times you will find that using this widget can likely produce the same result of some widgets easier and better than actually using the widgets below. (i.e. Gallery, Image, List, Text) 

 Meta Slider

Choose from your saved meta-sliders to be displayed where this widget is placed.

 Post Loop (PB) 

The Post Loop (PB) widget allows you to display your pages, posts, or sliders in what is called a post loop.  There are many options to choose for the template of the widget and also how to order your content.  The Carousel Slider is one of the easier and more attractive templates to use to create a simple preview of the posts on your site. 

 Vantage Social Media (Vantage Theme Only)

This widget adds nice small icons to your page that links out to your own social media pages. Simply paste the URL of your social media page into the appropriate field to generate the icon image. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are a few of the possible social media available.


Other widgets

Note:  the list of widgets may change as plugins, themes, and WordPress core is updated. 

Akismet Widget - Displays the number of spam comments that has been caught by Akismet plug-in

Animated Image (PB) - An image that animates when it enters the screen. (uses image URL)

Archives - A monthly archive of your site's posts. Great widget to display and organize a blog that is always being edited or updated with new posts.

Button (PB) - Given a wide variety of colors to choose from, set up a simple button with text and a destination URL to place on your page to quickly link users to other pages or websites.

Calendar - The calendar widget displays a simple calendar that tracks and highlights the exact days of the month that new posts were uploaded to the site. 

Call to Action (PB) - Similar to the Button widget but with more options to include text and change the design of the button.

Categories -  List or drop-down menu that displays all the categories created for the site.

Circle Icon (Vantage Only) - Easy to use widget that can function as a link to other pages and websites. It comes with many built in options like including custom text, colors, and images to create a descriptive icon.

Custom Menu - Choose from any saved custom menu to be displayed wherever this widget is placed. This widget should not override any other menus.

Embedded Video (PB) - Embeds the URL of a video of choice into the site.  Videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion should work fine.  If the video cannot be hosted by WordPress, the URL of the video will be displayed instead.  

Form - 

Gallery (PB) - Displays a gallery using the attachment IDs of images in media library.  It is recommended to use the Visual Editor widget to create a gallery from there instead of having to locate each attachment ID in order to use this widget.

Image (PB) - Displays a simple image using an image URL.  Also given the option to link image to another web page. 

List (PB) - Create a custom list using this widget.  Each list item needs to start with an asterisk (*) and be on its own line. Option to choose list style/color as well.

Meta - Log in/out, site admin, RSS feed, and powered-by links. Not the most enticing widget.

Pages - List of the site's pages by a certain order.

Post Content (PB) - Choose to display the post title or featured image for the current page using this widget.

Price Box (PB) - Use this widget if you wish to set up a custom price list. This widget includes an option for a button and many styling options as well. 

Recent Comments - Displays the site's most recent comments wherever this widget is located. Good for blogs that allow comments.

Recent Posts - Displays the site's most recent posts. Good for constantly updated blogs with new posts.

RSS - Entries from any RSS or Atom feed.

Search - Give your site a search bar with this widget. Have as many search bars as you wish to put on your site.

Self-Hosted Video (PB) - This widget is slightly different than the Embed Videos widget.  This widget allows you to load the URL of a self-hosted video.

Tag Cloud - Creates a cloud which displays either site categories or site tags.

Testimonial (PB) - Displays a box for elements of a testimonial. Includes a text box, URL link, image, and location fields. Use this to signify achievements and qualities of yourself or others.  

Text (PB) - Arbitrary text or HTML. Good for embedding videos, etc. using HTML shortcodes and embeds.

Vantage Headline (Vantage theme only) - Creates a big headline that extends across the page. Include headline text and, if desired, a sub-headline.

WP A11Y: Recent Posts - Similar to the Recent Posts widget but this one gives the option to choose the number of recent posts to be listed.