This page contains information about how to mange comments and change the settings for the user’s site.

Manage comment boxes on your pages and posts

  • Go to “Settings” in the left side navigation bar


  • Click on the Discussion tab


  • Uncheck the box that reads “Allow people to post comments on new articles.”


By unchecking this option it will completely disable the comment box from appearing on any pages and posts you publish. If you have already created pages/posts or imported pages without doing the process above first, those articles will still contain the comment box.

Another option to easily fix this for individual or multiple pages and posts all at once, follow the steps below about bulk editing.

Bulk Editing

First, either go to the “All Pages” or “All Posts” in the left navigation sidebar of the dashboard depending on which type of article you need to change. Select the post(s) or page(s) you need to change.


Then select “Edit” from dropdown menu…

bulk editing

The Bulk Editing screen will appear and you can quickly change several options for the posts or pages you had chosen in the first step. Click below to enlarge the image.

screenshot bulk edit