Getting Started

Register & Create Site

  1. register button
  2. Login
  3. Click “Create a New Site” 
  4. Enter a "site domain" and title
  5. Choose a template
  6. Click "Create Site"
  7. Problems? See Troubleshooting

Next Steps

  1. Learn about the dashboard
  2. Create pages or blog posts
  3. Modify the design 
  4. Make sure your site is accessible

Awesome Features

  1. PageBuilder
  2. Image Galleries
  3. Meta Slider (rotating slideshows)
  4. JetPack 



Getting Started with WordPress - Part 1

In this short 6 minute video we’ll show you how to register, create a new site, get help when you need it, logout, and log back in. (Click on CC for captions.)


Getting Started with WordPress - Part 2

This 8 minute video begins where the previous video “Getting Started with WordPress - Part 1” left off. It covers the primary ways to change the appearance of your site, create new pages, use the Media Library, adding users as editors to your site, and what to do when you are ready for your site to go live.