Service Team & Governance

Service Team

The Service Team reflects a partnership between Academic Divisional Computing, Campus Web Services, and the Faculty Instructional Technology Center.

Academic Divisional Computing are the localized ITS staff embedded in the campus’ five academic divisions and bring their daily hands-on experience with the diverse needs of the faculty to the table.

Campus Web Services is a team that delivers centralized web tools to the campus, providing service management and a high-availability, secure, and stable infrastructure.

The Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) provides faculty with flexible classrooms, instructional production facilities and support for instructional technologies, including WordPress.


The campus Web Advisory Group is a campus-level committee that provides direction and oversight in daily presentation of UC Santa Cruz through its web presence. The committee connects the campus vision and goals for web presence to the tools, services, information architecture, and standards necessary to achieve the desired state. The Web Advisory Group develops policies, standards, and implementation plans for campus adoption.