Technician CNAME Request Instructions

(This page is for TECHNICIANS. Faculty & Grads should use the request form.)

Technicians working with faculty or graduate students can manage CNAME requests independently.  You will need:

1. To be familiar with the DNS change request form in the ITS Service Catalog.

2. To either be added to the user’s WordPress instance or able to walk the user through the WordPress Domain Mapping process described below.

Step 1: DNS Change Request

The only part of the change request that is unique to Faculty WordPress:

Existing Hostname (FQDN) should be:  wordpress-vip72

Step 2:  Map the Domain in WordPress

Select "Tools" and then "Domain Mapping" from the sub-menu

Click image to enlarge

When DNS is complete, log in to the user’s WordPress website, go to Tools > Domain Mapping

On the Domain Mapping Screen:

1.  Set the first drop down menu to “https”

2. Enter the new URL

3.  Click “Map Domain”

4.  Leave the actions drop down menu to “directed to mapped (primary) domain”.

5.  Make sure that privacy settings (Settings > Reading) is set to either “Allow search engines to index this site” or “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” – the site will not function with a alias if the site is in any way password protected.