Logging In & Creating a New Site

Can't login (error message or just don't know where to go)

  1. IF you have already created a site, you can simply go to that site address and if the site is hidden from the public (default for new sites), you will be automatically asked to login. If the site is public already, scroll down to the bottom left of you web page and use the "login" link.
  2. If you have NOT yet created a site, but you did previously log in, go to

Can't create new site
If you can't create a new site, it is likely because you are either an undergraduate student, a non-UCSC collaborator, or a graduate student with a non-release of information on file.  You can change this setting in AIS or contact and we'll work to create a site for you if you need to maintain the non-release of information.

Managing Users (adding users, roles, etc.)

I added a user to my site but they can't see the site

  1. When adding UCSC users to an existing site, the site administrator must specify their CruzID.  The CruzID is the part of the UCSC email address before the @ symbol.  (Example: for, the CruzID is joesmith)
  2. Be sure to check your privacy settings "Settings" > "Reading" and make sure that the option chosen under "Site Privacy" allows the user to access the site with their given role. For example, if the option selected is 'Only administrators can visit' then the user must have an administrator role to view the site.

I added a user to my site but they can't update/edit the site

When adding a user to your site, you must select a user role.  The default role is 'subscriber' and has very few permissions.  To change the role, go to "Users" > "All Users" and edit the record for the particular profile.

  • Administrators gain access to change any settings for the site
  • Editors gain access to only adding/editing content of the site

Global Site Settings (design, comments, URL, etc.)

URL without ".sites"
The URL for new sites automatically includes ""  It is possible to have a custom "domain name," so that you do not have ".sites" in the URL.  This can take a little while to process and University Relations will be asked to approve the request if the domain name is new.  Complete the launching your site form and make sure to specify the domain name you would like in the notes.


Pages, Posts, Media Files

Comments are turned off?
I notice that my pages and/or posts don't have comments enabled.  Can I change this?  You can do it on a page by page basis or go to Settings > Discussion to turn comments back on (will apply only to future pages and posts).  Note, we employ spam prevention so you should be protected from spam from comments.  Some may slip through but must be accepted by you prior to being live.