Managing Users (Adding other editors to my site)

Managing your users is extremely important. If you are planning on having a student or outside associate help design/construct sites, you must first add them as a user for that particular site. Any person in the site’s list of users will be able to edit/change the site at any time. Depending on the role you gave the […]

Should I use WordPress to host my course site?

If your course site includes student-specific information, such as rosters, grades or other personally identifiable information, you should not have this on WordPress, as it may compromise student privacy, and violate university policy and federal law. The university provides eCommons as a secure and approved platform for managing this course information. eCommons also provides a range of […]

How do I set up or remove my blog?

Our system allows users to create websites that can be just a simple blog, static content pages, or both! Most of our design templates already include both a pre-set blog and static pages. If you chose a design template and do not wish to feature the blog then you can follow the steps below to […]

After logging out, how do I log-in again?

After creating your first site you may have exited or logged out of WordPress to work on other items on your agenda. To log back into WordPress to edit your site: Go to your site URL to view the site (i.e. Scroll down the page and in the bottom left corner of your screen you will […]