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Kennecott Copper Mine, Photo by Edward Burtynsky

Spotlight Site: Art Meets Science (ArtScy)

Critical Sustainabilities Website

Spotlight Site: Critical Sustainabilities

Book Cover: Rebel Girls by Jessica Taft

Spotlight Site: Professor Jessica Taft



Extra CPU added to enhance performance

CoreTech added an extra CPU to the FWP web servers to remedy the slowness that was noted. Let us know if this seems to help (it should, although WordPress is not reputed to be a fast application).

Types of Media Accepted For Upload

Listed here are the types of media files that our implementation of WordPress allows for upload: jpg jpeg png pdf gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid

Media File Limit Size

The limit for file uploads is 10MB. Most large files should be optimized for the web so that visitors can view them when accessing your site via a slower connection. Large PDFs can be optimized using using the Acrobat Pro “Save as Other” function. Often the file size is reduced dramatically.  Be sure to save with […]

Managing Users (Adding other editors to my site)

Managing your users is extremely important. If you are planning on having a student or outside associate help design/construct sites, you must first add them as a user for that particular site. Any person in the site’s list of users will be able to edit/change the site at any time. Depending on the role you gave the […]

Should I use WordPress to host my course site?

If your course site includes student-specific information, such as rosters, grades or other personally identifiable information, you should not have this on WordPress, as it may compromise student privacy, and violate university policy and federal law. The university provides eCommons as a secure and approved platform for managing this course information. eCommons also provides a range of […]

More Spotlight Sites

Abstract tile mosaic

Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds

The Art and Architecture Worlds website is dedicated to an appreciation of great buildings, archeological sites, and art.

Cherry blossoms outside McHenry LibraryUr wech e oa, ur wech e vo. Huñvreoù 

A blog by Gildas Hamel, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, History Department


Here Come the EcosexualsHere come the Ecosexuals with Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

A road trip, pop-up performances, walking-tours, H20 Talks & a Documentary



Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.51.20 PMPoetics & Politics

A Documentary Research Symposium showcasing and theorizing non-fiction work from the zones between poetics and politics, image and word, theory and practice.


Eureka! Musical Minds of California Logo

Eureka! Musical Minds of California

Eureka! is a one-day conference organized by music graduate students that will take place at the University of California, Santa Cruz on May 9, 2015.

Sandra Chung and Matthew Wagers are professors in the Department of Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz. Manuel F. Borja is an author and educator who lives in Saipan.

Chamorro Psycholinguistics na Project

The goal of the Chamorro Psycholinguistics na Project is to use insights from how Chamorro speakers use their language in pursuit of a general theory about how humans use language.